Spring Point Sports has been trying to do the best since the date of beginning when we stepped into the market but sometimes in rare conditions some variations can be noted.. Although and no doubt our emplyees are experienced enough to tackle the situations while manufacturing but the point is this perfection can never be acheived. The best practice is to order the sample first before placing the order. There are different factors that matter e.g manual measurements, heat printing on different fabrics that can cause minor and natural measurements  variations. Therefore, it is recommended to order a sample first. Let’s discuss some factors briefly.


  • SHRINKING OF CLOTHS: Sometimes after washing the cloth, it shrinks.
  • PRINTING: Sometimes, in printing cases especially in heat-transfer printing the cloth shrinks and one feels differences before and after printing of clothes.
  • COLOR OF CLOTHS DURING PRINTING: In heat transfer printing, dark colored cloths absorb more heat than lighter colored cloths, and the length and width of darker colored clothes reduces more than lighter colored clothes, difference can be noted by measuring it again.
  • FABRIC: Sometimes fabric also plays role in this procedure. Some fabrics like nylon has great capability of stretching. And while transfering print using heating methods can cause size variations. So after, printing the size variations can be noticed.


Measuring of products is a manual method. All products are measured in Inches/Centimeters using measuring tape. So we can’t guarantee 100% precision in measurements. In most of the times some issues arise regarding measuring uncertainties. Please allow variations of difference in measurements of upto almost 1 inch. If you think the difference is more than that then please do contact our customer support.

SOME OTHER POINTS TO SHARE: The products are sized generally. For example, a man feels a Polo shirt tight, but other person feels loose. This is because of different physiques of different people. More details of sizing are given in product page of particular product in which you are interested.


This never ever happened since the first date of business that a buyer ordered a sample and then stock and got something different or got less quality stock than sample. But if you feel like this that there’s a great gap between sample and stock then please contact our support at  [email protected]