Cutting and Measuring is the initial step of manufacturing any kind of product. Spring Point Sports has very experienced employees or special cutting masters for this job. This is also one of the reasons that our products feel perfect to wear.


We offer a large variety of customizations’ options. Including multiple types of Embroidery i.e Chenille Embroidery, and multiple types of Printings i.e Sublimation, DTF, and others. We have niches specific experts that do their particular jobs at their best. If you order a stock, you’ll see an excellent accuracy and smoothness in the print or design.


As we have discussed earlier that the ground floor is for the manufacturing of all kinds of wears, So we have number of employees that do their jobs in there relevant fields at their best. If you buy our products you’ll see the exceptional quality and neatness in stitching. This is also one of the reasons why and how we build  our reputation in the international market.


The Most common type of printing these days, that can bear over 100 washes, is sublimation printing. In this method we convert solid color into gas form directly without let it pass from liquid stage. That’s why the color becomes the part of the fabric and gives excellent results, and doesn’t fade aways easily.


Ironing is the last step before shipping the stock. We use two types of ironing methods, with steam press iron or simple electric iron. It depends upon fabric and customization designs that which method should we use.